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09/12/12 @ 01:44am
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Well, today’s not a great day. Those who know me at all know my emotional and musical attachment to the late John Lennon. Of course today marks the 32nd anniversary of his tragic and unfair shooting. Yes, it was sad. But that’s not why I’m here, typing this right now. 

John’s life is something to be celebrated. In the wake of his death, people began to associate him with tragedy, and untimely death. But John’s life was one that revolved around art, and creation, and love, and devotion and peace and all those good things we sometimes forget about. 

I ask you all, whether you’re a big John fan or not, to do something small today in his honour, something for someone else. Hold the door. Draw a picture. Cook someone a treat— Marshmallow pie, anyone? At the very least think of Sean, Julian, Yoko, Mimi, and all the friends and family of John who will be thinking fondly of his life and legacy today. 

My small thing, is recording my own little version of one of my favourite John songs. I’m doing this for John and for my love of his music, but my good friend Molly had a rough couple of days, and I know full well the ability of these lyrics to heal. 

RIP John, and I hope this makes your day better Molly. <3

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